Senior iOS Developer

(לפני שבוע )

We transform great ideas to elegant software by harnessing the state of the art technologies. Our design and cutting edge tech empower our clients with new capabilities that we’re only available to professionals on desktop Our apps have over been downloaded over 150 Million times.

We work with creative minds, content creators and technical geniuses who share our vision of bringing valuable products to millions of mobile users. We want our products and services to be open to use by everyone and our knowledge to be widely shared.

What makes the Tap Mobile R&D team awesome?

We love data! At TAP you have the opportunity to work with it on a petabyte scale!
As part of the team you will support backend for our multi million client side panel across all platforms through our massive ingest pipeline in cloud
We are solving some really complex problems with web server scale, algorithms on the client side, research of different OS’s and APIs, managing multi million users products and more.
Work with cutting edge technology – we often beta test the tech that other people will only discover next year!
We want you to get better and help you set goals and conquer them
Must have:

Experience in commercial development of iOS-applications (at least 2 years);
Knowledge of Swift, Objective-C;
Experience with Git, understanding the Gitflow principles;
Ability to implement non-standard UI elements;
Knowledge of design patterns and the ability to apply them;
Good knowledge of XCode, Instruments and other tools;
A desire to study and use new approaches and technologies;
Ability to work with Cocoapods;
Confident knowledge of UIKit, Foundation, GCD, CoreData, CoreAnimation, Realm