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At Picodya Technologies, we develop revolutionary diagnostic platform capable of performing laboratory grade serology and molecular diagnostics at the Point of Care (PoC). We have successfully built our B-Matrix platform based on our proprietary high density microfluidic chip and a set of disposables capable of precisely handling Picolitre sample volume. The B-Matrix can simultaneously test an array of Bio-Markers from a small sample volume in under 15 minutes, based on our own developed robotics, optics and computer vision algorithms. We are now looking skilled Data Scientist with great leadership skills to help us extend our offering with additional sample types and clinical use cases.

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Job Name: Technological Development Engineer.
Department: R&D Technological development.
Direct Supervisor: Team leader Technological Development / Director of R&D
Number direct subordinates: None.
Scope of the position: Full.
Work environment: Office / workshop / Picodya sites (Rehovot / Hatzerim) / subcontractors.
Location: Resident Between Rehovot to Beer-Sheva, Israel.

Main Tasks:
1. Leading technological development & engineering projects in R&D – developing technologies for the production and improvement of the company's products.
2. Leads/partner in the development of new technologies for the company's products.
3. Development of engineering solutions for the construction and production of semi-industrial prototypes.
4. Responsible for engineering documentation and preparation processes for the transfer of the company's products from R&D to Operations.
5. Act as technological focal point for Engineering & Operations procedures.
6. Determination and leadership of professional standards in the engineering and technological processes.
7. Support procurement and engineering processes for cost reduction and scale-up of the company's products.
8. Search for new manufacturers/suppliers in the company's technological fields.

Previous experience required:
1. Education: BSc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering / Mechanical Engineering.
2. Previous employment experience in the field of automation and assembly technologies.
3. Experience in development and engineering in accordance with the regulatory requirements for medical devices (ISO-13485,GMP,CE)- An advantage.
4. Hebrew and English – High level writing & speaking - a must.
5. Knowledge and experience in the field of optics -advantage.
6. Knowledge and experience in controls technologies for Micro-Fluidics systems-advantage.
7. Experience in projects and budget management-advantage.

Required features and capabilities:
1. Ability to work in a dynamic Start-Up environment
2. Ability to make decisions quickly and meet tight tasks schedules and deliverables.
3. With proactive & initiative approach and out-of-the-box thinking.
4. Great team member as well as high throughput self-contributor.
5. Great in synergistic management of complex interface interfaces.