JVP CYBER LABS - דרושים בדרום


JVP Cyber Labs JVP Cyber Labs is JVP’s early-stage investment vehicle aimed at identifying, nurturing and building the next wave of cyber-security and big data companies to emerge from Israel. Based in the cyber-security hub of Beer Sheva, JVP Cyber Labs operates the first government-backed early stage incubator focusing on cyber-security and big-data. It is strategically established in the epicenter of Israeli cyber innovation - bringing together academia, multinational corporations, and experts with experience from the military’s elite computer units. Since its inception in 2013, JVP Cyber Labs has become a magnet for hundreds of strategic players visiting each year as well as hundreds of entrepreneurs that are evaluated each year. Companies such as General Electric, Siemens, Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Singapore Airlines, Bank Ha’Poalim, Paypal and others have teamed up with JVP Cyber Labs to accelerate the growth of its companies. In March 2015, JVP Cyber Labs enjoyed its first exit when PayPal announced the acquisition of disruptive technology-provider CyActive. JVP Cyber Labs is headed by a seasoned team of partners with deep industry expertise and a strong track record of developing and building early-stage companies.

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