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Who we are

Cybereason is the champion of today’s cyber defenders, providing operation-centric attack protection. Our Defense Platform moves beyond endless alerting to instead recognize, expose, and end malicious operations before they take hold. Cybereason is an international company, with 1000+ employees who defend the world's top brands in more than 50 countries.

Nice to know

Two Israeli sites: Tel Aviv- Alon 1 tower, next to Hashalom train station, and Beer Sheva- High-Tech Park, next to University train station. the position is relevant for both of our sites.
Hybrid work model
Flexible working hours
“Best high tech companies to work for” (by Dun’s100)
“Top companies leading women representation” (by Power in Diversity)

In this position you will:
Be responsible for a high scale cloud based platform
Build and lead a team of talented engineers
Design core, backend software components and integrations with 3rd party software.
Analyze and improve efficiency, scalability, and stability of various system resources
Manage the agile delivery life-cycle and the team’s CI/CD pipelines
Work closely with the product team to drive new features

B.Sc. Computer Science
Highly proficient in Java. at least 5 years of experience
2+ years as a Team leader of a Java server side team
Experience with large-scale backend web services development
Passion for technology
Experience with design of scalable multi tenant microservice - Advantage
Experience with AWS or GCP cloud services - advantage
Experience with CI/CD piplines - advantage
Ability to learn quickly unfamiliar technologies
Great interpersonal skills

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Tap Mobile is one of the world’s fastest growing mobile apps companies. We transform great ideas into elegant software. Our apps have been downloaded over 300 Million times.
We’re looking for a Senior Android Developer to join our amazing growing team where each team member makes an impact.


As part of the development team, you will be responsible for creating new state-of-the-art UI and UX
Implementing complex client-side algorithms and business logic reaching our multi-million user community.
From designing the architecture, through talks with the product team on the look and behavior of the app, to optimizing for speed and finalizing the experience to the smallest details.
Translate designs and wireframes into high quality code. Design, Code, Test, Automate, Troubleshoot, and be awesome.

Experience in commercial development of Android-applications (at least 3 years);
Knowledge of Kotlin, Java;
Experience with Git, understanding the Gitflow principles;
Ability to implement non-standard UI elements;
Knowledge of design patterns and the ability to apply them;
Good knowledge of Android Studio, Instruments and other tools;
A desire to study and use new approaches and technologies;
Ability to work with deep learning frameworks like Tensorflow and JNI ;

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We transform great ideas to elegant software by harnessing the state of the art technologies. Our design and cutting edge tech empower our clients with new capabilities that we’re only available to professionals on desktop Our apps have over been downloaded over 150 Million times.

We work with creative minds, content creators and technical geniuses who share our vision of bringing valuable products to millions of mobile users. We want our products and services to be open to use by everyone and our knowledge to be widely shared.

What makes the Tap Mobile R&D team awesome?

We love data! At TAP you have the opportunity to work with it on a petabyte scale!
As part of the team you will support backend for our multi million client side panel across all platforms through our massive ingest pipeline in cloud
We are solving some really complex problems with web server scale, algorithms on the client side, research of different OS’s and APIs, managing multi million users products and more.
Work with cutting edge technology – we often beta test the tech that other people will only discover next year!
We want you to get better and help you set goals and conquer them
Must have:

Experience in commercial development of iOS-applications (at least 2 years);
Knowledge of Swift, Objective-C;
Experience with Git, understanding the Gitflow principles;
Ability to implement non-standard UI elements;
Knowledge of design patterns and the ability to apply them;
Good knowledge of XCode, Instruments and other tools;
A desire to study and use new approaches and technologies;
Ability to work with Cocoapods;
Confident knowledge of UIKit, Foundation, GCD, CoreData, CoreAnimation, Realm

לפני שבוע

• תפעול רחפנים עבור לקוחות במסגרת פרויקטים תפעוליים
• מתן שירות באמצעות רחפנים, ביגור מערכות על ידי הטסה, ביצוע ניסויים, הדגמות והטסה מקצועית
• הדרכת לקוחות בתחומי הטסה ואחזקה בדרג השדה (א') עד רמה של תפעול עצמאי.
• הטסה לביגור מערכות החברה בממשק לייצור ולפיתוח ומתן פידבק מקצועי למעבדה ולמפתחים
• מרכז פעילות בקיבוץ כרמיה - עבודה בכל רחבי הארץ

• רישיון מטיס בתוקף עד 25 ק"ג.
• ניסיון בתחום ההדרכה וכתיבת ספרות הדרכה ואחזקה.
• ידע טכני בתחומי האלקטרוניקה, המכניקה והחשמל.
• עבודה בשעות לא שגרתיות ובגמישות גבוהה
• תודעת שירות גבוהה, עבודת צוות, חוסן אישי, דינמיות והסתגלות לשינויים

לפני שבוע

אנחנו מחפשים מפתחי Full Stack להשתלבות בצוות שלנו, לעבודה על פרויקטים ופיתוחים מתקדמים. מבטיחים צמיחה, למידה והרבה עבודה מעניינת.

דרישות התפקיד:
ניסיון כמפתח/ת Web בארגון עם טכנולוגיות React / Angular / Vue- לפחות שנה- חובה
ניסיון עם טכנולוגיות Web (HTML5, TypeScript, SASS)
ניסיון ב-python- יתרון
ניסיון בReact Native - יתרון

לפני שבוע

Codicate הינה חברה צעירה, יציבה ומתפתחת הממוקמת בעיר העתיקה בבאר-שבע. אנחנו עוסקים בפיתוח מערכות מורכבות, מערכות מידע, פיתוח אפליקציות ועושים את זה באמצעות הטכנולוגיות הכי מתקדמות. בין לקוחותינו סטארטאפים לצד ארגונים גדולים.

אנחנו מחפשים Senior Full Stack Developer לעבודה על מוצר גדול בתחום ה-FinTech, תפקיד עם הרבה אחריות ואתגר. מבטיחים צמיחה ולמידה מתמדת.

דרישות התפקיד:
ניסיון של לפחות 5 שנים בפיתוח מוצרי תוכנה
מתוכן ניסיון של לפחות 2-3 שנים כמפתח/ת Web בארגון עם טכנולוגיות React / Angular / Vue
ניסיון בעבודה עם Microservices בסקייל גבוה
ניסיון בעבודה עם תהליכי CI/CD
ניסיון ב-NodeJS - יתרון
ניסיון בReact Native - יתרון

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Western Digital’s Analytical and Characterization group, located in Omer, is looking for a Characterization Automated Test Engineer.
The position includes developing and executing automated tests using advanced automated test equipment - J750 and V93000 tester platforms; developing test programs for timing parameters measurements and collection; writing scripts for data analysis in JMP and Perl; performing other testing-related duties as required.
Duties and Responsibilities
• Review requirements, specifications, user documentation, help files, and other project documentation to assure quality of the products and tests to be developed; i.e., perform manual static testing.
• Develop appropriate test automation tools, applying the latest techniques in test automation; e.g., data-driven testing.
• Work with the design team to define test vectors and design for test requirements.
• Develop test program for automated test equipment by Advantest and Teradyne.
• Create requirements and manage HW development for test equipment.
• Generate test report and review with the design team

• Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from the leading university.
• 0-2 years’ experience in automated test equipment operation of the following platforms: Advantest V93K and Teradyne J750.
• Good knowledge of the following programming languages: C, C++, VBA, Perl and data analysis tools JMP or others - advantage
• Experience in ASIC development process - advantage
• Ability to analyze problems and propose solutions within the time and resource limited project environment

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אם יש לך יכולות אנליטיות, חשיבה יצירתית ואת.ה מעוניין.ת בעבודה יציבה בחברה משגשגת, המשלבת אתגרים מקצועיים ועבודה עם לקוחות - המשרה הזו בשבילך!
התפקיד כולל קורס הכשרה ומיועד לבעלי.ות תואר אקדמאי בתחום ריאלי או לבוגרי.ות תואר בכלכלה, חשבונאות ומנע"ס.

העבודה במשרדי החברה בבאר-שבע (3 חודשי הכשרה בתל-אביב)

תואר ראשון בתחום ריאלי (כלכלה/ביולוגיה/כימיה/ביוטכנולוגיה/מערכות מידע)- חובה
יכולת חשיבה אנליטית
יחסי אנוש ותודעת שירות ברמה גבוהה
יכולת תפקוד בעומס ובתנאי לחץ

לפני 3 שבועות

לחברת חילן, המובילה במשק במתן פתרונות תוכנה לניהול המשאב האנושי בארגונים דרוש/ה ר"צ קונפיגורציה- ניהול צוות של 6 אנשי קונפיגורציה; חלוקה ותעדוף של משימות
יישום והגדרות לתפעול ותחזוקה שוטפים של מערכת Web מובילה, המשרתת מאות אלפי משתמשים.
עבודה מרובה עם SQL : כתיבת שאילתות, VIEWS, Stored Procedures, Function, scripts
עבודה בסביבה מרובת שרתים ובסיסי נתונים עם מאות אלפי משתמשים פעילים, מאגר מידע רגיש עם רגולציות

תואר ראשון בתחום מערכות מידע/הנדסה- חובה
שליטה מלאה בכתיבת שאילתות SQL-חובה
ניסיון ניהולי מתפקיד קודם- חובה
ניסיון בSQL Server- יתרון
היכרות עם מערכות WEB בסביבת B2B- יתרון
עצמאי/ת ובעל/ת יכולת וניהול/חלוקת זמן.
יכולת למידה עצמית מהירה, ראש גדול וחשיבה יצירתית

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לחברת חילן, המובילה במשק במתן פתרונות לניהול HR באירגונים דרוש/ה איש/אשת קונפיגורציה לתפעול ותחזוקה שוטפים של מערכת Web מובילה, המשרתת מאות אלפי משתמשים.
הזדמנות להצטרף לצוות אסטרגטי בחילן, בתפקיד מעניין ומאתגר.

אדם שקול, אחראי ויסודי
ידע בשאילתות SQL עד לרמת ה Join
יכולת עבודה בתנאי לחץ, ובסביבה מרובת משימות.
עצמאי/ת ובעל/ת יכולת וניהול/חלוקת זמן.
יכולת למידה עצמית מהירה, ראש גדול וחשיבה יצירתית.
יחסי אנוש מצוינים, אדיבות ושירותיות
יכולת עבודה בצוות.
תואר ראשון – יתרון

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A Cyber Security Start Up is looking for a C++ Software Engineer
If you are creative, passionate about cyber security and strong in software development science, while also being passionate about bringing your ideas up to the production level, your place is with us. Securing API's and application in modern environments requires highly accurate and automatic solutions, which can be achieved only with AI. So come and join us in this journey.

Expand company knowledge base regarding standards, common practices and technologies regarding API development and the corresponding vulnerabilities and attack methods. Use the knowledge base to develop algorithms that automatically analyze the API traffic and search for attacks and vulnerabilities

• B.Sc. in computer science or other relevant faculties from university.

• At Least 3 Years Experience as a software developer

• Good software development skills, especially in C++ and SQL. python is an advantage

• Experience with machine learning or NLP algorithms in either academy or industry - advantage

• Great achiever with obsessive drive to complete its missions excellently.

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CopterPix Pro is a leading autonomous drones startup.
We’re bringing disruptive technologies with our state of the art autonomous drones system.

What will you do?
Develop our drone software framework
Work closely with the product to identify and plan new features.
Own features delivery from design to full-scale deployment.
Integrate and develop drivers for HW modules
Develop real time system, including advanced video streaming and communication solutions.

• B.sc. in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Software Engineering
• Over 2 years of experience in Software development
• Proven hands on experience with C/C++ development in Linux environment
• Background in embedded development
• Knowledge in Linux operating systems
• Knowledge in drivers and sensors integration – advantage
• Knowledge in Linux kernel space programming - advantage
• Knowledge in Python development – advantage

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At least 3 years of experience as a Full Stack developer using the following technologies PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL
Familiarity with RESTful APIs (must)
Ability and desire to learn new technologies
Experience with Vue (advantage)

PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, VueJs

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Job Name: Technological Development Engineer.
Department: R&D Technological development.
Direct Supervisor: Team leader Technological Development / Director of R&D
Number direct subordinates: None.
Scope of the position: Full.
Work environment: Office / workshop / Picodya sites (Rehovot / Hatzerim) / subcontractors.
Location: Resident Between Rehovot to Beer-Sheva, Israel.

Main Tasks:
1. Leading technological development & engineering projects in R&D – developing technologies for the production and improvement of the company's products.
2. Leads/partner in the development of new technologies for the company's products.
3. Development of engineering solutions for the construction and production of semi-industrial prototypes.
4. Responsible for engineering documentation and preparation processes for the transfer of the company's products from R&D to Operations.
5. Act as technological focal point for Engineering & Operations procedures.
6. Determination and leadership of professional standards in the engineering and technological processes.
7. Support procurement and engineering processes for cost reduction and scale-up of the company's products.
8. Search for new manufacturers/suppliers in the company's technological fields.

Previous experience required:
1. Education: BSc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering / Mechanical Engineering.
2. Previous employment experience in the field of automation and assembly technologies.
3. Experience in development and engineering in accordance with the regulatory requirements for medical devices (ISO-13485,GMP,CE)- An advantage.
4. Hebrew and English – High level writing & speaking - a must.
5. Knowledge and experience in the field of optics -advantage.
6. Knowledge and experience in controls technologies for Micro-Fluidics systems-advantage.
7. Experience in projects and budget management-advantage.

Required features and capabilities:
1. Ability to work in a dynamic Start-Up environment
2. Ability to make decisions quickly and meet tight tasks schedules and deliverables.
3. With proactive & initiative approach and out-of-the-box thinking.
4. Great team member as well as high throughput self-contributor.
5. Great in synergistic management of complex interface interfaces.

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Western Digital, a global leader in data storage solutions located in Omer, is looking for a High-Speed Protocol Testing team Leader to join our Test and Characterization group.
The group is responsible for:
• Developing and executing Electrical High-speed signal quality tests at a Lab, for serial protocols as SATA, PCIe, MPhy and USB. DDR3/4 electrical testing
• Developing automation test setups and flows
• ASIC / Product configuration recommendations, based on deep analysis of test results.
• Defining and building simulation environment of protocol layer for PCIe and Mphy
• Supporting product-level issues related to PCIe protocol
• Working with different teams as ASIC design, validation FW and product FW

• Management experience of at least 3 years
• Electrical engineering BSc or equivalent - Must
• At least 5 years of experience in high-speed electrical tastings (SATA, PCIe, MPhy and USB. DDR3/4)
• Deep understanding of Phy building blocks and their influence on signal quality
• Lab hands-on. Working with different tools such as RT scope, JBERT, VNA, protocol analyzer and etc
• Good knowledge of programming at C#, VBA (Python is an advantage)
• Experience with PCIe and MPHY electrical tests
• Automation programming for testing
• ASIC Verification of communication protocols
• PCIe, NVMe, Unipro UFS, USB protocol knowledge

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